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‘Beschreibung des heyligen Bischoffs Eusebij: der ain junger un[d] diszipel des heyligen Sancti Hieronymi gewest ist…’; book on the life of St Jerome, published by Lazarus Spengler and printed in by Hieronymus Höltzel, Nuremberg, 1514, containing on the verso of the title-page a woodcut of 1512 by Albrecht Dürer, showing St Jerome sitting in a cave in front of a stone desk, reading; on the left a lion. 1512 (1514) Woodcut and letterpress © The Trustees of the British Museum

As new vaccines develop and creeping out of our caves feels within reach, I can’t help but feel anxious about what may come in 2021. Multiple conversations I’ve had this year have included topics like, “I can’t tell what’s real anymore,” “I’m a total mess,” “It’s the end of the world,” etc. These passively nihilistic thoughts are no longer sitting under the surface, but have become more active and immediate. Maybe, it is the sudden collective awareness of the things that have been prodding us unconsciously that is causing the angst and frustrating feelings of distrust.

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To avoid over consumption, novice consumers are recommended to start between 1–5mg (microdose), moderate using consumers are recommended to use 5–20mg, heavy users can consume 25mg+ (macrodose). These are more conservative dosing guidelines than most industry standards. Attenuation can occur and different doses can be used for various desired effects, once a consumer has become accustomed to their individual experiences.

LESS Method

L: start low E: establish potency S: go slow S: supplement as needed

Inhalation (flower, concentrates)

  • Cannabis can be heated (vaporized or atomized) or combusted and then absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs into the bloodstream. Cannabinoids and terpenes then travel through the bloodstream to areas of the body including through the blood-brain barrier where psychoactivity can then ensue once receptors in the brain are stimulated. …

From my interview with Ophelia Chong of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education

Adriana is a hyphen, a happa, a mix of all things wonderful in our beautiful state of California. Adriana is our future, she epitomizes the mixing and fusion of our future, born half Korean and Brazilian, raised in Georgia and now planted firmly in California. She is an artist, an explorer and a woman I respect and honor for carrying the torch forward. Please let me introduce you to Adriana ….

How have your views on Cannabis changed?

I started working in cannabis a year before recreational legalization and fell in love with the passionate people and culture around wellness. The philosophies and ideologies of cannabis have changed significantly in California due to the “green rush” and the spectrum of quality to crap that came in with it. If you ask many new comers to the industry who Dennis Peron, Allyn Howlett, Raphael Mechoulam, or Arno Hazekamp are — or about the various names and products that pioneered medical cannabis — they look at you with a blank face. All that talk but they have no product or real industry knowledge — all quantitative and no qualitative. There’s a reason we got to the point we are with legalization. It’s defeating, to say the least, when folks who are making millions off the industry don’t appreciate what it took for that opportunity to be legal; the people who endured DEA raids, were sentenced to jail, and the AIDs patients who protested and contributed to the medical legislation that paved the way for these pockets to deepen. The plant often feels like it has become another objectified female in our capitalist society. …

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R.S.O. stands for Rick Simpson Oil — made famous by Rick Simpson, who claimed to cure his skin cancer using a home made concentrated oil and applying regularly to the carcinoma. There is controversy over the solvent he used — naphtha oil — because of its high flammability and association with oil and coal (source: Brave New Weed). The acronym is widely used although not exclusive in its definition.

Here’s some juicy industry drama over the controversy.

Essentially RSO is just a whole-plant concentrate that extracts a full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes that may be holistically beneficial due to the “Entourage Effect” — a scientifically debatable but anecdotally strong argument for a sum of parts affect from the whole plant.


Adriana J.M.

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