Cannabis Products & Their Applications

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To avoid over consumption, novice consumers are recommended to start between 1–5mg (microdose), moderate using consumers are recommended to use 5–20mg, heavy users can consume 25mg+ (macrodose). These are more conservative dosing guidelines than most industry standards. Once a consumer has become accustomed to their individual reaction, attenuation can occur and different doses can be used for various desired effects.

LESS Method

L: start low E: establish potency S: go slow S: supplement as needed

Inhalation (flower, concentrates)

Onset: 2–15 minutes

Duration: 2–4 hours

  • Cannabis can be heated (vaporized or atomized) or combusted and then absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs into the bloodstream. Cannabinoids and terpenes then travel through the bloodstream to areas of the body including through the blood-brain barrier where psychoactivity can then ensue once receptors in the brain are stimulated.
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Oral Consumption (edibles, capsules, beverages)

Onset:1–2.5 hours

Duration: 5–10 hours

  • Resin is extracted from the plant, and most commonly added to an alcohol-based solvent or fat-based solvent, then used as an ingredient in food. Solventless concentrates may be put directly into capsules as clarified oil or mixed with coconut oil, for consumption.

Sublingual/Oromucosal (tinctures, strips, etc.)

Onset: 5–30 minutes

Duration: 4–8 hours

  • Administered through tinctures (drops or sprays), mouth strips, lozenges, decarboxylated oil, etc. Anything that is orally administered and will absorb through capillaries in the mouth (most commonly under the tongue).

Topical (lotions, balms, bath salts, lubricant)

Onset: 5–15 minutes

Duration: 2–4 hours

  • Cannabis may be locally applied on the surface of the skin for pain, inflammation, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, etc. May also be used as a first aid item for scrapes, bug bites, and burns

Transdermal (patches, gels, etc.)

Onset: 10–20 minutes

Duration: 6–12 hours

  • Formulated like nicotine/birth control patches with a gradual release of cannabinoids, through dermal absorption, accompanied by a formula to help the medicine pass through the lipid bilayer straight to the blood stream | somewhere between romantic philosophy, modern life angst, and data.

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