I think that’s a reasonable approach and that self awareness of the impact you can have is admirable; but as a woman, I think there is also a responsibility for women to make space for multiple realities that differ from their own world view especially if those other realities are not a threat. I’m not discrediting the #metoo movement, there are for sure applicable scenarios — I’ve encountered some, too. I personally love flirting and compliments are empowering and empowerment can be contagious, but you have to be capable of receiving a compliment too. Walking on egg shells is a slippery slope and too strong of boundaries lead to isolation. There has to be some acceptance of risk when you open your mind and I think women are more capable of recognizing a red flag than the liberal police give them credit for. I wouldn’t want men to feel shame but maybe that shame can lead to a more balanced approach as culture shifts.

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